Solero… is the last name that two brothers, Jean and Jonathan, share. For the Bayamón, Puerto Rico natives the love of music has been the common denominator throughout their lives and now they are ready to share that love with the world. In September, 2015, they relocated to Los Angeles in order to continue building their musical career. The talented duo not only sing, but write and produce their own original music and have begun to collaborate with some of today’s biggest artists, songwriters and producers.

Solero’s new Acoustic Fridays series, in which they perform a new Acoustic cover each Friday morning via their YouTube channel, has become an instant success with over 4 million views total. Songs include hits by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Chris Brown among others.

The brothers who are currently signed to P Music Group’s independent record label and management company (that represent artists such as R&B legend Charlie Wilson) are currently working on their original music and building their fan base. “We want to develop Solero and potentially partner with a major label once we feel we are ready and have the right direction for them” says President and CEO of P Music Group, Michael Paran. “The guys are extremely talented.”

Back in 2007 Jean and Jonathan, together with friends, formed a Christian R&B/Hip Hop grouped called Reflections.  The group recorded a number of original songs, performed at local venues and competitions and even produced an album titled “Decisiones.”   But it was always their dream to perform as an R&B duo and Reflections opened the door for them to do just that.  The two brothers had the opportunity to do background vocals for the Latin and Standard Grammy Award winning Merengue group, Grupo Manía’s, album 15 años de Corazón.”  The brothers also lent their vocal talents on Latin Grammy Award nominee and salsa singer Michael Stuart’s single ‘Camina, Corre o Vuela.’

Reflections eventually broke up and Jean and Jonathan were determined to achieve their dream of forming their own R&B duo…. and Solero was officially born

In the beginning the brothers created quite a buzz on their YouTube channel,, in the Latin music community with their Spanish cover of Jason Derulo’s ‘It Girl’ which made it onto the top 10 playlist of the popular Latin internet radio station for 7 consecutive weeks.  However, it was their vocal style on their Spanish cover of Charlie Wilson’s Grammy nominated hit ‘You Are’ that caught the attention of P Music Group’s President and CEO, Michael Paran. “To see these two young Latin men, who were not only handsome but were singing and carrying the vocals of ‘You Are’ consistent with my client, Charlie Wilson, I knew I had to sign them” says Paran. Watch Solero’s cover of ‘You Are’ here.

After signing with P Music Group, Solero had the honor of performing ‘You Are’ at the 2012 Essence Music Festival  in front of more than 60,000 fans with one of their greatest influences, R&B legend and Grammy nominee, Charlie Wilson himself. “Being signed to P Music Group was a dream come true but being able to meet the legendary Charlie Wilson and perform with him was absolutely incredible.  We went from singing his songs on YouTube to performing with him on stage, it was unreal” stated Jean Solero.  Watch Solero perform ‘You Are’ live with Charlie Wilson at the Essence Music Festival here.

Solero’s style is an innovative mixture of traditional R&B and Pop with a Latin flavor.  Stay tuned….the best is yet to come!

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